Thursday, 17 September 2015

Felt tutorial plus Felting tips: number 1

I'd love to make the world a fluffier place so here's my contribution: a free basic felt tutorial click here.     No excuses now, get felting!

I'd like to begin a series of random felting tips, here's number 1: 

More efficient rolling out

This is something I discovered recently while felting a large and heavy project. Understandably, when you roll out a large piece of felt it can get quite tiring by the end. I wondered how to reduce some of this effort required by my wrists and arms. 

With a heavier project, it is possible to use the momentum of it's own weight, as you roll it. 

Tie some light fabric or strong cord around the securing ties that hold the towel in place around the felt (see below). Take hold of the ends of the fabric/cord with both hands and with one hand give the project a push away from you across the work surface. As it reaches the maximum distance it can go pull it back with a tug using the momentum created by the initial push forward. Keep repeating this and you will soon create a good rhythm and soon feel that you are putting less effort into the rolling through the wrists. I played some dancey music and had real fun with this. It was really quite amazing, the project rolled across the table many, many times more using this technique than the usual method of stoically rolling just with your hands and arms (without the cord). Have fun!

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