Sunday, 31 January 2016

Introducing the ‘Felt Sanctuary’

Yesterday several felty friends took 'Sanctuary' with me for a whole day at Carmel Community Hall, near Crosshands, Carmarthenshire. 

We were all in need of a felting-fix to ease the cravings that had been building up during the post -Christmas/New Year felt-free zone imposed on us more than likely due to family obligations, flu, colds, work, bad light or just plain and simple: 

no space to felt at home due to craft table being totally covered in un-wanted Christmas presents, mince pie crumbs, cracker toys, cracker jokes, empty sherry bottles, empty cans of lager, sleeping cats, un-paid credit cards bills, self-assessment tax forms, and the list goes on................ 

(only joking, none of the above reasons actually :-))

We all just love wet felting, colour and wool and creating more woolly stuff to fill our houses with!

We all have no choice at the moment about which kind of felting we do, it is absolutely WET FELTING, know what I mean? Rain, rain go away please, we have had enough for now...........I am planning an experiment, how long would it take for wool to felt purely by being left out under the pummelling action of the rain.........

A happy customer takes away yummy merino blends in her basket.....

Fabulous wet felted ducks.....

What is the ‘Felt Sanctuary’ ?

It's a place to catch up with your (creative) self where you can come & get on with your own wet felting project in the company of like-minded souls. It is aimed at those who already have some (or lots of) wet felting experience. Beginners are advised to come to a beginners course, more dates coming soon.

  Sat March 5th   Sat April 2nd 

Open from 10.30am - 5pm ish at Carmel Community Hall, near Crosshands, Carmarthenshire SA14 7TL (convenient for M4)

Carmel Community Hall offers the luxury of large tables & non-carpet flooring
- perfect for getting on with a decent sized wet felting project without the worry of soaking your living room carpet or having to take over the kitchen ALL day!

There’ll be plenty of felting tips & encouragement if needed......
Bring along your own expertise & share ideas……….
Cost: £3 - £5 contribution towards room hire.

More info at my website